The Weichman Clinic & Hoag Foundation Scholarship Program

The Weichman Clinic is proud to announce its partnership with the Hoag Hospital Foundation to address the growing mental health needs of our community’s child and adolescent population.

As students continue to struggle with ongoing mental health issues, parents often find it challenging to find a high-quality child or adolescent specialist who can both relate to a younger patient and has the specific pediatric knowledge and experience necessary to provide effective treatment.

Meanwhile, health insurance companies remain reluctant to place value on high-grade specialized mental health, as evidenced by their low reimbursement rates. As such, most of the strongest pediatric and adolescent providers operate private-pay practices. Therapy and other mental health treatments can very quickly create an unaffordable financial obligation for many families.

In partnership with Hoag Hospital Foundation, local families with a minor who is in need of mental health services and meets one or both of the following criteria are welcome to apply for a pediatric/adolescent mental health scholarship at The Weichman Clinic simply by filling out a scholarship form and providing their last year’s tax return statement.

  • Income at or below 400% of the FPL (Federal Poverty Limit). In 2024, qualifying amounts are an adjusted gross income below $99,440 for a three person household, below $120,000 for a four-person household, or below $140,560 for a five-person household.
  • Other extenuating circumstances where payment for mental health treatment is a hardship despite a higher income. Examples include recent disability of a parent or unexpected loss of a job. Applicants are asked to outline their specific situation in a “good cause” statement, which will be evaluated in conjunction with the applicant’s reported income.

Scholarship applicants will typically hear back within two weeks if an application has been approved by the scholarship review board. Over the past 6 months, approximately 95% of our applicants have been accepted.

Once approved, recipients will have access to the full menu of services provided at The Weichman Clinic. This includes assessments to determine psychological and cognitive functioning and/or deficits, individual therapy, parenting/family therapy, couples counseling, medication administration with a pediatric psychiatrist, access to social skills and parenting groups, with awards up to $7,000 per child. The review board makes a final determination on exact award amounts.

If you believe that your family could benefit from this program and meet at least one of the criteria, please call the office at (949)264-8000 and ask to speak with our scholarship coordinator.

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