Neuropsychological Assessment & Testing

Neuropsychological testing is a tool that can help our staff identify many conditions, such as learning disorders as well as psychological and behavioral issues. We conduct assessments only when we know it will be useful, actionable, and cost-effective to the treatment outcome.

Your family will meet with our neuropsychological tester to determine the approximate number of testing sessions necessary for us to conduct a thorough evaluation. Spending an hour with your family to get a detailed history to find out what questions you seek answers to and to review any previous testing, allows us to determine the testing measures necessary for the assessment, saving you time and money.

There are two portions to each assessment: cognitive and psychological. Our initial evaluation will help us determine whether we need to pursue cognitive results, psychological results, or utilize a combination of both. Each case is different and requires a testing battery custom tailored to your individual child.

The cognitive portion of the assessment enables our team to examine your child's attention, IQ, memory logic and reasoning, and processing speed to determine whether they are a better auditory or visual learner, and to identify any potential learning or executive functioning disorders.

The psychological testing portion of the evaluation allows us to gain insight into your child's behavior, personality, and capabilities. The results allow us to have the clarity to be able to determine what are and are not the primary psychological issues that your child is exhibiting.

frequently asked questions
FREQUENTLY ASKED Neuropsychological Testing QUESTIONS
Does my child need to be tested?
Some families request testing based on recommendations from their child's school or pediatrician. In other cases the recommendation may come from one of our clinical team members who is already working with your family. Team member recommendations for testing may occur in cases where there have already been a number of treatment sessions and with limited progress. Being able to thoroughly understand the primary diagnosis enables our team to tailor a treatment plan specific to this particular issue. This ensures that we have the correct therapist working with your child which will maximize the results of therapy. Please know that we always discuss why we are making a recommendation for testing with parents or guardians as well as obtain permission prior to proceeding with testing.
How long does it take?
A comprehensive evaluation can take anywhere between four to ten hours to complete depending on the extent of the testing battery. Testing is always divided into manageable blocks of time so children do not become overwhelmed or fatigued during the process.
How much does it cost?
Costs vary depending on the type and duration of test and the coverage provided by your insurance. Our office staff will provide the paperwork you will need to submit for reimbursement and do their best to answer your insurance-related questions.
Do parents/guardians participate in the testing?
We do require parents to participate in the intake session as well as fill out particular rating forms. Parental input is an important piece of information we utilize to eventually make a specific and accurate diagnosis.
Who sees the results?
Upon completion of the assessment your family will have a feedback session with the provider who conducted the assessment. We review the findings with parents/guardians and discuss recommended next steps for counseling, treatment, potential school accommodations, other options for support and additional resources. We also believe it is important to share the results with your child or teen and answer their questions. In most cases the feedback session is with the entire family. You will receive a comprehensive report from the assessment which you may wish to share with teachers, school administrators, pediatricians or coaches to help them provide appropriate support. And as always, please know we will never share this information with any outside individual or group without your written consent.

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