Individual & Family

Individual therapeutic rapport is the most important factor in a successful outcome for therapy. Our team of therapists and psychologists are all child and adolescent specialists with the ability to connect and relate to your child. Not only do we have an experienced therapeutic team who can connect with your son or daughter, each of our specialists also have subspecialties and additional training in specific areas including anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, trauma, LGTBQAI+, autism spectrum disorder, personality disorders, and more, which allows us to place you with the appropriate fit for your child based off of our initial screening phone call.

Our caring front desk specialists will make you feel supported from the first point of contact and have been trained by Dr. Weichman to screen and assign your case to the provider who will be the best fit, allowing us to increase the likelihood of having a successful outcome from the get-go. It is not uncommon for children and teens to rebuff going to therapy and as such, parents are not afforded many "reloads" of taking your child to different providers. We want to get it right the first time.

Finding someone that can connect with your son or daughter is not only a relief, it also provides an "open door" to that provider anytime in the future even when there is a successful resolution to their initial issue. Many of our children and adolescents want to continue to see their provider less often for maintenance and also utilize him or her when they leave for college through phone or video sessions.

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