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The interpersonal relationships between each individual within a family plays a significant role in the overall family dynamic. Like the ripples created when a rock is thrown into a lake, the stress stemming from problems between just two members of a family can have far reaching consequences and often will impact every family member.

Your home should be a respite from the stress and chaos of life and discord within any part of the family affects everyone. At the Weichman Clinic we have found that the most successful outcomes occur when the entire family system is treated. Our team offers a variety of services designed to compliment individual therapies in order to provide your entire family the perspectives, tools, and skills needed to make a lasting change within your home and set your family up for long-term mental health success.

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While sibling rivalry and disagreements are a natural part of growing up and learning proper conflict resolution, if small problems become too extensive or occur too frequently and there is no resolution for the individuals involved, the build-up of hurt and pain inevitably turns to anger and resentment. Left untreated, the cycle will continue to gain momentum and can have significant consequences even lasting into adulthood.

Our therapeutic team works with your children together to hash out unresolved disagreements, to validate one another's feelings, learn perspective-taking, and how to best apologize and forgive one another. Once the initial groundwork has taken place, we further guide your children to rebuild their sibling relationship by teaching them to identify what they admire, appreciate and love about one another and how appropriately express emotions and communicate respectfully in the future.


With the divorce rate in Orange County now over 70%, raising children who are struggling with their mental health on top of life's other stressors can erode even the strongest of partnerships and often causes irreversible damage to a marriage. If parents are not in good standing within their relationship, it is very difficult to walk in lock-step with one another through both the joys and challenges of parenting. Children look to parents to learn what a relationship should look like and often model what they see in their home throughout adolescence and adulthood.

There are times when the issues within the parent's relationship are so profound that they inhibit a couple's ability to be on the same page when it comes to parenting. This disparity often causes bigger problems within the relationship and can be reflected in the child's worsening behavior. To assist with this, we offer stand-alone couples counseling for parents as part of family therapy in order to help parents come together and both nurture their relationship as well as strengthen their approach to parenting.

Our couples specialists will work with you to identify the issues hindering your dynamics, improve communication and understanding, and guide you to increase sustained stability and closeness within your relationship.

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