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Life today moves much faster and includes far more stressors and distractions than when today's parents were young. Increasing academic stress and pressure, the internet, social media, gaming, club sports, and getting acccepted into college, are just some of the factors contributing to the mental health epidemic our children are facing.

Dr. Jerry Weichman knew there needed to be a better way to support children and teens with overcoming their struggles in a healthy and successful way. What if he could assemble a team of experts specific to children and adolescents, identify and treat the entire family system, and give families access to all the services they need conveniently under one roof? What if he could match a team of highly trained professionals with a family to address their specific issues in an impactful way and have everyone communicate efficiently and effectively?

This vision led Dr. Weichman, a clinical psychologist and adolescent specialist with decades of experience, to found The Weichman Clinic at the Hoag Neurosciences Institute. His unique clinic assesses the family system, provides comprehensive mental health services, including evaluations, diagnoses, individual therapy, parenting, couples counseling, family therapy, and medication administration in a single place. Our convenient Newport Beach location is open every evening until 8 PM as well as on Saturdays to serve children, teens, and their loved ones.

our philosophy

We believe that lasting, meaningful change and personal growth are inevitable when we care for the whole child and the whole family. The Weichman Clinic’s team of pediatric and adolescent experts are committed to highly personalized, compassionate treatment that gets to the root of problems and emphasizes practical solutions. Working together in a single location, we provide comprehensive support exclusively for children and teens.

  • We are solutions-focused. We don't want to keep you in treatment long term. We create a plan with a timeline and set goals and expectations along the way. With the ultimate goal of giving you tools that you can use once treatment has concluded.
  • We assess the entire family system, not just the child or adolescent.
  • From our intake process we can see what problems lie within the family system as well as with whom.
  • Our ultimate goal is to give parents and their child the tools to deal with the identified issues and to get them back on the road of life.
  • We never want to turn a struggling child or teen away. The Hoag Foundation Scholarship Program provides scholarships for certain patients that can not pay for services out-of-pocket and who meet specific qualifications.
  • We only use medication as a last resort, and we use it as a cast, not a crutch.
  • We’re all about having a collaborative care approach. With the depth of our team of experts, we can assemble a team of docs for you specifically tailored to your family to help significantly increase the likelihood of everyone making the necessary changes.

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